Using Quartz Crystals

Quartz crystals have been used for centuries in all parts of the world for healing
purposes as well as for strengthening overall mental and spiritual abilities. In
"Exercise -- Psychometry," you learned that many vibrations are picked up by
inanimate objects. Crystals not only pick up and store vibrations, but they focus,
direct, shield, transform, balance and amplify your own vibrational energy as well.
Choose your quartz crystal by the way it 'feels' to you. If a chipped and ugly one
feels right, then that's the crystal for you. To start off, use a clear, single-terminated
quartz crystal (it has only one point). Since your crystal picks up vibrations easily, it
is necessary to initially cleanse it. You can pack your crystal in salt (preferably sea
salt) or soak it in salt water for 7 days (1 tsp. sea salt to 1 qt. of pure water). You can
put the crystal in running water (like a stream) or bury it in the earth for 7 days. The
vibrations of painful emotions and health problems can be imparted to your crystal,
so short cleansings are periodically necessary. For short cleansings, a 3-day period
of any of the above procedures is sufficient. If your crystal is handled by someone,
clear it with a salt solution soaking for 10-30 minutes. After cleansing, place your
crystal in the direct dawn sunlight for 2 to 3 hours to charge and activate it with the
life energy of the sun.
If your crystal is small enough, carry it with you wherever you go. Instead of
being your 'pet rock,' this can be your 'pet crystal,' but don't let others handle and
imprint on it their thought vibrations. You can sleep with it, meditate with it, talk to it
or say your prayers with it. The more it is exposed to you, the more attuned to your
vibration it becomes. It quickly becomes your friend and your teacher. To some
degree, it will even protect you from the negative effects of artificial environments
and shield you from negative forces. Since 50 - 75% of all of your scattered thought
impressions during the day are derived from ELF (extremely low frequency) waves
generated from other entities, a crystal properly tuned to your vibration will help keep
your mind clearer of this 'mental noise.' Some people have had their crystal crack
when a negative hit was sent in their direction. It can also mirror back negativity in
this respect.
In one experiment, a researcher discovered that a handful of small, double-
terminated quartz "diamonds" from either Lake County, CA or Herkimer County, NY
has the potential of splitting shot glasses in half when the crystals are placed inside
them and allowed to sit for a few hours or days. The peculiar configuration of a
heavy bottomed shot glass appears to be the only type of glass where this cracking
phenomenon works. It is undetermined what kind of energy accumulates and is
imparted to the glass to make it split into 2 pieces?
Just as quartz computer chips store information, your quartz crystal can store and
focus your intentional or emotional energy. Crystals augment and magnify your
intention, so you should only use them when in a clear, positive state of mind. As an
exercise with your crystal, do "Exercise -- Imagine and Mind Walk Your Goals" and
"Exercise -- Imaging To Bring Luck And Happiness" while visualizing the results
you want to achieve flowing through your crystal. You'll find that your
visualizations become more powerful and effective when using your crystal,
especially those concerning healing (review "Exercise -- Improving Your
Visualization Skills"). If you send healing prayers through your crystal while
holding it over an afflicted area, they will be greatly magnified.
Since crystals amplify emotional intentions with more distinctness, do the
telepathy exercises while holding your crystal. Your ELF thought waves can be
augmented and sent through your crystal and then received through someone else's
crystal and decoded with their thoughts (like the crystal in a radio set assists in
transmitting sound across space). For example, danger can be transmitted quite
easily. Use your crystal for storage of reminders or information that you may want to
retrieve later, or for that matter that you want to have someone else to retrieve, but
make sure that you connect up such information with some emotional intention for
better clarity.
If you go to sleep holding or putting your crystal under your pillow, solutions to
problems on your mind will greet you when you awaken. Double-terminated crystals
are especially good for dream solutions, because the energy comes and goes in both
directions to connect your conscious with your subconscious. If you do your
concentration and meditation exercises with your crystal, the result will be greatly
enhanced. If you hold your crystal between clasped hands over your solar plexus,
you can feel the energy drawing into your body. Experiment on your own, and
enhance your mental abilities by carrying a quartz crystal.

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