“I Am A Millionaire”

Many people have the mistaken belief that if they had more money, all their
problems would be solved?! A wise man once said, "If all the money in the world
were equally divided up so that every person in the world had exactly the same
amount of money, it would be right back to where it is now in a very short span of
time!" Why? Because it is a person's internal attitude that keeps people where they
are financially, not external circumstances. People keep saying, "If only I had more
money, all my problems would be solved." If money brought happiness, then why
are so many millionaires unhappy? How often millionaires feel like they are all alone
in a cave filled with treasure and there’s no way out of the cave!
If you learned that all it took to become a millionaire was to write and say, "I am a
millionaire," 50 times each day for a solid year, would you do it? You probably
wouldn't, because it would be just too much trouble, and you would have too many
doubts that it would work. Unfortunately, that is exactly what keeps people from
becoming millionaires, or for that matter from achieving almost anything else they
want in life - doubt and exerting the necessary effort to get the job done. If you
change your attitude towards yourself and the things around you, you can change
your life. I’m sure you’ve seen this in your experiences already. How many things
in your life have changed simply because you changed your emotional attitude toward
them? Most people drift through life always taking the easiest or most decision-free
path, and experiencing doubts about almost everything they do along the way. How
can you expect to achieve highly, if these personality flaws are constantly tripping
you all throughout your life?
Do you realize that many people are making millions at what you only do as an
enjoyable hobby or a pastime? Do you want to be a millionaire? Convince yourself
you already are one. If I told you that you were already a millionaire born with
certain "stock certificates of life" that you could cash in for one million dollars, you
wouldn't understand it.
As an exercise, consider this as a visualization. You have one million dollars
worth of valid stock certificates that have a peculiar maturing date of one year from
today. In one year, you will redeem them for cash. Now you have to make some
plans about what you're going to do with all that money, don't you?! Imagine having
it and fully associate yourself with having the money. What is the 1st thing you will
do with it, the 2nd thing, the 3rd thing, and so on. Everyday you can relax and
mentally visualize what feelings you will have upon receiving the money. You know
that you are becoming wealthy in a year, so inwardly look at the result of your wealth
on your inner movie screen. Replay the same movie over and over to yourself from
the time of acquisition of your wealth to what you're going to do with your wealth.
If the visualization is a bit fuzzy, write it down first. You have seen how wealthy
people live on TV. Imagine yourself in their shoes, and hold onto that vision for 30
seconds or longer while you feel how it feels to have wealth. Involve all your senses
in visualizing yourself as a millionaire. Taste, smell, see, touch and hear all forms of
input that you can associate with being a millionaire. Allow no worrisome blocks to
obscure your visualization. See yourself managing money like a financial wizard.
Imagine yourself receiving checks and cash, and disbursing it with intelligent
Accompany the imaging process with the verbal affirmation, "I am a millionaire,"
and repeat it over and over to yourself as you visualize your wealth. Say to yourself,
"Abundant wealth is flowing to me and through me in ever increasing amounts. I
deserve wealth now because the supply is endless and inexhaustible. I am
prosperous, productive and filled with thanksgiving for all the fortune that comes to
me." Write your affirmations down dozens of times during the idle moments of your
day. Say them to yourself as you drive to work or during odd moments throughout
the day, but reiterate them verbally, mentally or in written form at least 50 times each
Remember, affirmations work -- even affirmations like, "I don't believe in
affirmations." By reiterating what you want over and over, you're increasing your
expectations of yourself. Eventually, what you shape as your inner reality will
manifest itself to become your outer reality and events will shape themselves to suit
the conditions you expect. Give yourself permission and commit yourself to
becoming a millionaire. Relieve yourself of old programs and limitations you
adopted over the years. Take action toward your goals, be flexible and “let go” to
allow the process to unfold. If you’re at ease with money, it’ll always come to you
as you need it, and often in ways you least expect it.
It would certainly do you no harm to think this way for a year, would it? Besides,
if you did persevere with such action for 1 year, such focus and determination would
definitely change your life. If you want fast results, commit yourself to getting
started right away and do whatever is necessary to achieve your goal. Every day do
something that contributes toward your goal. Resist the temptation to become
scattered or to procrastinate. There is no better time than NOW to DO whatever it is
you want to do, but you must take action.
Release the millionaire inside yourself. You have all the wealth you need to do
anything you want in life. You have just to access it. Everything you need to be
happy, wealthy and prosperous is within you. Feel yourself worthy of abundance.
If you think thoughts of scarcity, you manifest limitation. If you think thoughts of
abundance, you manifest sufficiency, happiness and wealth.
You already have so many things in common with existent millionaires anyway.
You see similar TV shows and read similar newspapers. You attend and enjoy
similar entertainment. Your transportation is similar -- cars, planes or trains. You
have similar emotional problems with your spouse and children. You wear only one
suit of clothes at a time and you eat 2 or 3 meals a day. You shave, groom and attend
to your toilet duties in a similar way. Basically you experience the same emotional
ups and downs throughout the day, and soon you will have to contend with the
reality of what to do with all your money in a similar way. It's a big responsibility to
have so much money, so don't sacrifice your higher aspirations for the sake of it.
Practice noticing the wonderful things in your life already and be thankful. When
you recognize the abundance you already have, you dissipate lack in your life and
attract more good things to you. Also, you'll find that you can best start the process
of receiving what you want when you first begin by giving. Even forgiving people
of the debts that are owed to you is a form of giving (review "Exercise -- Obtaining
Money & Material Things"). It is better to seek money while helping others in some
way (a win-win situation) than to seek money and hurt others in some way (a win-
lose situation).
Be sure though that wealth is really what you want before you bring it upon
yourself. Ask yourself how much money will it take for you to feel good about
yourself? How much money is enough for you? Wanting more no matter how
much you have never brings a concept of sufficiency to mind. If on the other hand
you know you will always have enough, the frustration of constantly seeking more
never enters the picture. Having mastery over money so that the lack of it or the
abundance of it does not control you is the true state of being wealthy. (Luke 12:48
... "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required ... ") Peace
of mind never comes because of money and material possessions. That feeling
comes from within you. Which is your primary goal in life?

It is better to live rich, than to die rich.
..... Samuel Johnson