Audio Telepathy

Research has revealed that telepathic information is carried by extremely low
frequency (ELF) waves. Just as sea salt is used to 'clear' crystals of accumulated
vibrations (see "Exercise -- Using Quartz Crystals"), telepathic subjects in
submarines often get muddled impressions in very deep seawater when trying to pick
up target subjects miles away on dry land. Telepathic ELF waves have very long
wave lengths and can pass through almost anything except very deep seawater. Of
course, the Navy has succeeded in projecting electronic ELF waves through sea water
with amplified generators, so it all depends on amplitude. At least 50 - 75% of the
idle thoughts coming into your mind are simply being picked up from other minds
around you. We are always sending and receiving impressions from other minds on
a subtle level that coalesce and form many of our ideas and thought processes. We
just don’t know the source or even that it is happening. We think we are the
originators of all our ideas. The trick is to tune that delicate thought receiver in your
head and pick out the thoughts you want to receive. That's a telepath. Identical twins
often find it easy to do this with each other because of their similar vibrational
patterns, but how can you do it?
As an exercise, practice with a partner (preferably someone you know well) in a
separate room. Assume a comfortable, relaxed position and take a few deep breaths.
Affirm to yourself that you believe you are telepathically receptive. Still your mind
by visualizing a large blackboard or a giant snowbank. Now look at a photograph of
the person in the other room and visualize that person in your mind's eye.
Establishing this conscious awareness of the sender helps you to produce a resonant
frequency and enhances telepathic reception.
Ask yourself, "What is this person saying to me?" Frame your thoughts, and say
to the photograph mentally, "Talk to me, talk to me." Then await a reply. After a
while, you'll get a stirring inside your brain. At first you might say it's just
imagination, but don't. If you dismiss your receptivity to idle imagination, you'll
dismiss telepathy. Let the sender transmit a verbal message that contains emotionally
provocative words for better reception. Also, let the sender experiment with sending
emotional words in a foreign language (unknown to you) and see what happens.
Have the sender pulse out his message to you through rhythmic breathing (see
"Exercise -- Rhythmic Breathing To Harmonize Body/Mind Processes") as he visual-
izes your face in his mind's eye. Rhythm has been shown to greatly assist telepathic
abilities. Pulsing the message in a steady beat facilitates the transmission process. Slow pulsing strobes on closed eyes have proven helpful, but synchronizing your
breathing with the beat of your heart is more natural. If you use a metronome at 60
beats per minute, your heart will soon simulate that same relaxed rhythm and your
brain wave cycle will slow to alpha in response.
Some people improve their reception by visualizing a mental body movement in
seeking the target answer. The receiver imagines he is skating in a slow, pulsing
rhythm toward and around the sender. If the sender is in the same room, a
metronome beating at 60 strokes per minute can be heard by both sender and receiver.
The sender can then easily synchronize his rhythm as well. He visualizes his mental
body moving toward and around the receiver in exactly the same rhythm. This
rhythmic rapport greatly facilitates transmission and reception. You might also
visualize holding onto a giant, grandfather clock pendulum that is swaying back and
forth to the beat of the metronome. Hanging suspended in midair, you mentally
approach your telepathic partner in a side to side rhythm. In either case, feel the
kinesthetic inner movement for maximum effect.
Next, both you and your partner listen to 5 distinctly different musical pieces.
Mentally without telling your partner, choose one of them for yourself. Now sit
facing each other and begin emanating a positive feeling to your partner to the
exclusion of all other thoughts. Now begin playing in your mind the musical piece
you chose out of the 5 while maintaining your positive emotional transmission. Did
your partner succeed in picking up the musical sounds? A side benefit to this exercise
is that every time the transmitter hears that same musical piece in the future, the same
generated emotion may be aroused!
The next time you're talking to a friend, prearrange ahead of time that it is okay to
interrupt each other by announcing telepathic impressions that the other feels he is
receiving. Be honest with each other and experiment with different methods. One
final note: Use telepathy to help people, and with practice in telepathic listening,
you'll even discern messages in unknown languages as well (see "Exercise --
Understanding Any Spoken Language").