Creating Clarity & Duration With Visualizations

Visualizations are directly associated with an unusual energy emitted by the
mind. This energy can affect people and things depending upon its amplitude.
Increasing your directional amplitude depends upon the clarity and duration of your
visualization along with the purity of your belief structure; thus results vary from one
person to another. With considerable practice, clear visualizations coupled with a
firm belief system can coordinate this energy through you so you might perform feats
of psychokinesis, telepathy, levitation and more. For example, an aikido master's
thought process is so clear that he actually begins to toss an aggressor a split second
before the moment that physical contact is made. When a karate grandmaster breaks a
board, slow motion photography has shown that the board begins to break a split
second before actual contact is made. This is the power of focused, clear thought in
Most people visualize better than they believe they do. Sexual fantasies are a good
example. You also visualize when you read a novel or listen to a story being told.
Before the advent of TV, people relied heavily on radio stories and novels for their
entertainment. They used their powers of visualization to see the story details in their
mind's eye. TV eliminated the necessity of visualizing. Without practice in
visualization, unused brain cells can deteriorate at an accelerated rate. To test your
clarity and duration during visualization, sit still in a chair with your eyes closed and
count from 1 to 100 while projecting onto your inner mental blackboard each numeral
as you count. Stop counting when a stray thought intrudes and note the number.
As with all skills though, practice can allow you to improve your visualization
skills. Now visualize a cube consisting of 27 equal but smaller cubes (3 X 3 X 3). If
the large cube is painted green on the outside, how many of the small cubes are
painted on 3 sides? on 2 sides? on one side? How many cubes are unpainted? If
you're having trouble with this, make the large cube the size of a house. Be an
observer floating in the air around the house, counting the cubes.

As an exercise in visualization improvement, imagine you have 3 apples in front of
you in a row -- the one on the left is red, the one in the center is yellow and the one
on the right is green. Now in your mind's eye, move the one on the right to the
center. Now move the one on the left to the position on the far right. Now again
move the one that now is on the left to the position on the far right. Now move the
one in the center to the far left. Do you have their correct order in mind? What color
is the apple on the right, in the center, and on the left? If you're having trouble with
this, shift your mental perspective so you are looking down on the apples or maybe
even from the side. Practice on your own moving the apples around until it becomes
easy for you.
Practice and perfect your visualization skills. While listening to people talk, form
mental images of the situations that are being described, and constantly strive to
improve the clarity and duration of your mental imagery.