Creating & Using Aphorisms

An aphorism is a short, pointed statement expressing a truth, doctrine or precept.
Good aphoristic definitions of words allow you to experience feeling and imagination
from the point of view of their originator. They convey a meaning and a truth that
dictionary definitions lack.
This exercise permits you to express and extend your own experiential quality and
flavor to a word, and what it individualistically means to you.
For example:

Marriage -- A lottery in which men stake their liberty and women

their happiness.

-- Madame DiRieux

One long conversation, checkered by disputes.

-- Robert Louis Stevenson

Now create and write an aphorism for each of the following words:

For example, Retirement is what men do when they die and women do when they


Retirement Politics Reality Happiness

Creativity Power Lov e Tidiness

An epithet is a descriptive word or phrase that expresses some real or implied

quality of a person or thing in place of the name (e.g. "Charles the Great" for

Charlemagne). Create a catchy epithet for each of the following:

Atlantis George Washington Columbus

Aztec Empire Roman Empire Ronald Reagan