Creative Thinking (Aims, Goals, Objectives)

Learn to define your aims, goals and objectives in life's situations. Make a list of
all your reasons for doing a particular thing. Even though you assume that you know
what your goals are, often hidden or unconsidered goals get in the way. Without a
clarity of purpose, all actions are either reactions to a situation or matters of habit or
As a practice exercise, write down all your possible aims, goals and objectives as
if you were a captain of a spaceship approaching Earth for the first time from another
planet. Did you create a long list? Now do the same thing with something in your
own life. A tennis player that kept delivering kill shots into the net thought his goal
was to win the game, but in reality it was an undetected desire to look terrific.
As another exercise, look at how you currently do your daily chores and duties
throughout your day. Now put on your creative hat and think about how you could
possible perform your daily tasks but in a creatively different way. This exercise
relieves you of the habit that often restricts you to one way thinking and doing things.
The more you practice accomplishing things in novel ways, the better you get at it.
You can think wild or standard, active or inactive, open-minded or narrow-minded.
The choice is yours, but practice wearing different thinking hats. Sometimes it helps
the process by assuming a role and saying - if I were Jesus, Einstein or the President,
how would I think?