Creative Uses For Everyday Things

The world is filled with wasteful

habits. By thinking creatively, normal throw

away items can be utilized or recycled productively.

When physically attacked, some creative individuals have

used pencils, pens, hat pins, credit cards, combs and belts as

weapons to ward off attackers. In impoverished countries, the poor

by necessity have used the bottom half of glass bottles as glasses and cups;

the top half of plastic bottles as funnels and the bottom half as flower

pots; newspapers become wrapping paper, etc. How many creative

uses can you think of for the following household items? There

are no wrong answers, so think wild. Use your notebook,

and list as many uses as you can for each item

during the next seven minutes.

Empty Soup Can - 20 Bottle Caps - Torn Lamp Shade

Broken Scissors - Toilet Paper Tube - Old Electrical Cord

Broken Comb - Light Bulb