Daily Visualization

People think in images, and most people visualize in the form of fantasies every
day. Your fantasizing can be turned into a productive form. In the morning, before
proceeding toward your daily activities for the day, conjure up an image of the way
you want things to happen. Thoughts have the power to become tangible things.
Some desired things require less imaging than others to manifest because certain
visualizations have no competing thoughts or influences from other people desiring
the same thing. Even your own thoughts can compete in bringing about a desired
result. How many times during the day do you catch yourself thinking or visualizing
negativity about yourself or another person or situation? The total tonnage and
quantity of such negative imaging is often so disproportionate to your positive
imaging that you usually don't have to look any further than your own internal
visualizations to discover why things don't work out for you.
Create a visualization of how successfully you want things to go at work, during
lunchtime, during business encounters, driving back from work, etc. You can even
do this at high speed in your mind, (review "Exercise -- Time Distortion"). For
instance, set a timer for 1 or 2 minutes and visualize yourself participating and
completing all your daily activities before your timer runs out. You can also do your
visualizations at different times during the day and even change your scenes
according to circumstances. Discipline yourself and devote at least 15 minutes or
more each day to visualizing some desired result for yourself. This is such a simple
thing, but it can help you immensely, because thought precedes action.
The clearer and more focused your thoughts are, the better able you are to keep a
committed direction to your life. If your daily activities seem haphazard, look to see
if your thoughts are haphazard and clear them up. You already shape and affect the
manner in which your daily activities unfold by the thoughts you carry, why not
make those activities more consciously directed in nature?
You get good at what you practice whether you practice an activity mentally or in
reality. When you muse over a past situation that you handled badly, visualize 3
times exactly how you would have liked to have handled it instead. You can’t change
the past, but you’ll find that when you do this visualization, your future actions will
be better in similar circumstances.