Divining, Dowsing and Radiesthesia

What seemed like parascience yesterday is becoming laboratory science today.
The sad part about anything hard to explain or little understood is that it is often
branded or enshrouded in mysticism. Nikola Tesla's alternating current suffered a
Satanic branding at the turn of the century by religious leaders, but even religious
leaders use AC electricity today.
Farmers have been using the technique of divining for centuries to locate water for
well use. There are all kinds of diviner's rods and dowser's pendulums on the
market. They all act as wave guides to attune your vibration of intention to what
you're seeking to find.
For a simple exercise in divining for water, cut 2 wire coat hangers with snips so
that you can make two L-shaped pieces about 15 inches by 6 inches. Now loosely
hold the small end of each piece, one in each hand. Place a pail of water in front of
you and think about water, but don't close your eyes. Extend your loosely held rods
over the water, and watch them cross each other in an X over the water. (If you have
Rh negative blood, they will generally angle out to each side, instead of crossing.)
Do it away from the water and nothing happens (unless you're over other water).
Make sure that your legs are kept apart to about the same distance as your arms so
that an optimal flow of polarized currents can be picked up from the earth.
Consider yourself to be the instrument, not the divining rod. The rod is only the
indicator, like the pendulum. Use the same technique to look for coins or metal
objects. Have someone hide different coins under a rug. Then individually think of
each coin, and name each one as your rods cross over its hidden position. Russian
researchers revealed less accuracy achieved when a current-carrying wire was wound
around the wrists of subject dowsers or a magnet was brought close to their heads.
So apparently electricity and magnetism can interfere with reception.
When you use a dowser's pendulum or a diviner's rod while you're blindfolded,
no results are usually achieved. Visual perception is important in relaying the infor-
mation to your inner awareness, because your eyes act as a receiving channel (review
"Exercise -- Eye Contact For Inner Communication"). You can locate coins under a
rug in the same way as you did with the diviner's rod. Dangle your pendulum over
the rug and think of the coin desired as you walk. The pendulum will swing back
and forth until it reaches the coin location, then it will begin to circle. Now take your pendulum and suspend it over the central locus of a semicircle of 5
colors (red, green, blue, yellow and orange) like in Figure A. Sit with your back to a
partner that has 5 sheets of colored construction paper (red, green, blue, orange and
yellow). Let your partner hold up one of the colored sheets so that his line of sight is
just over the sheet, and he is looking at your pendulum or the back of your head.
Your pendulum should begin moving in the direction of the appropriate color.
Experiment with all the colors. Now have your partner just think of one of the colors
while looking at you or your pendulum. On a subliminal level, your subconscious
will pick up the ELF (extremely low frequency) thought projections that are being
amplified by your partner's eyes and the information will be transmitted to your

Maps are like pictures -- symbolic form representations that carry the vibrations of
what they portray. To do map or picture dowsing, visualize what you want to find &
dangle your pendulum over the areas represented. You can detect water, minerals or
lost objects by attuning your vibration of intention to 'home' in on the vibration of
that which is sought. Your pendulum will circle when it locates what you want.
Practice will make you better, but don't forget that with some people it takes a 20 - 30
second attunement adjustment before achieving results.