Electromagnetic Field Awareness

Have you ever entered a room just after someone had an angry bout with someone
else, and detected the angry energy in the air? Have you ever been near someone
seriously unstable and picked up on it even when his or her back was toward you?
Even areas of certain cities simply radiate a bad energy around them that is
perceivable to some people.
You have various energy fields surrounding your body that are directly tied into
the beating of your heart. These energies course through you, interacting with body
chemistry, and are distributed throughout your body via the 7 subtle energy centers
called chakras. By regulating the distance in extending your energy fields, your
sensitivity to them and your control over them can be heightened.
Sit or lie down in a comfortable, relaxed position and take a few deep, abdominal
breaths. Do "Exercise -- Cleansing Breath For Better Health" to charge up your
body. Then completely relax yourself and tune into the energy radiating from your
body (see the “life energy” measuring device in the back of the book). Imagine it
pulsating in a wave-like action and sense the feeling of it emanating from your body.
Now imagine that you are expanding this energy field to about 3 feet from your body.
Put your conscious awareness into it and let it flow outward. Gradually expand it
some more until it reaches 9 feet from your body. Visualize how this would look and
continue to expand it even further to about 15 feet from your body. To assist the
process, create an excited, positive, emotional attitude while doing it.
Now slowly pull the energy field back to your body in a progressive way, but this
time draw it in even closer than it normally would be. To contract the field, create a
glum, negative, emotional attitude. Next, relax the energy field contraction and let it
go back to its normal size. After practice with this exercise, your awareness of your
energy fields will improve as well as your sensitivity to other fields around you.
By projecting a stream of energy, a Chinese qigong master can kill, stun or knock
someone down from a distance of up to 10 feet away. When masters use their
fingertips or hands to relieve pain or heal someone, their energy is temporarily
drained afterwards. ("And Jesus said, somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that
virtue is gone out of me." Luke 8:46) The Soviet Nina Kulagina could focus her
energy to perform psychokinetic demonstrations -- even to the point of stopping the
heart of a frog. There is also fatigue and an energy drain experienced by people after
performing psychokinetic feats.
Just as your physical body is controlled by your mind, so too is the electromagnetic energy field surrounding your body directed by the power of your thoughts.
Thought precedes your bodily actions -- whether they are gross or subtle.
An old magician's "mind-reading" trick is to have you think about and concentrate
on one of your hands. The magician then subtly holds both of your hands and lightly
places one of his fingers on your pulse. Magicians have long known that your blood
volume increases markedly in the hand that you are thinking of. Your pulse will first
slow down (it seems to skip a beat), and then with a sudden surge, it will throb with
more force. Consequently, a distinct difference is discernible by touching the pulses
of both wrists, and the "mind reading" trick of determining which hand you are
thinking about is achieved. Obviously, what applies to the hands also applies to other
areas of the body, and what applies to blood flow also applies to other bodily
Light and radio waves are other forms of electromagnetic energy. Various colors
in the light spectrum cause distinct reactions in people (see "Exercise -- Color
Significance"). People exposed to directional radar beams (a form of radio wave)
report a 'hearing' sensation described as a buzzing sound in the temporal lobe of the
brain. When exposed to radar guns, people test weak kinesiologically for up to 100
yards away (see "Exercise -- Improve Your Physical Strength in 7 Days"), so
obviously the body is reacting to radar (a form of microwave) on some subtle level.
If an emotional message was directed through the radar gun by the person
transmitting, could the receiver discern it with enough training? Could radar guns be
modified to pulse at frequencies that scramble, disrupt and confuse all those caught in
their beams? Perhaps radar guns could be further modified to immobilize or stun a
charging bull in full stride, or a running felon for that matter? Could pulsed, focused
beams from simple radar guns be keyed to a desired frequency for a desired effect?
Besides electromagnetic energy, many people accumulate 10,000 to 20,000 volts
of static electricity while walking across a deep pile carpet on a dry day. Electrostatic
instruments can measure this energy via the cloud of ions (charged particles)
surrounding the human body. Some people are "allergic" to electrostatic fields and
react very strongly to them. On the other hand, Pauline Shaw of Manchester,
England accumulates so much static electricity in her body that she blows out
electrical appliances with just a touch. This electrostatic energy may also be partially
responsible for establishing the initial stages of psychokinesis (see "Exercise --
Psychokinesis") in some people. Psychokinetic Nina Kulagina for instance could
easily light up fluorescent lights with her static discharge.