Electromagnetic Tactile Discernment

Your body has electromagnetic lines called meridians along which acupuncture
points lie. Inextricably interwoven with these lines are the electromagnetic energy
fields encompassing your body. Before doing this exercise, do "Exercise --
Concentration to Relieve Stress" to prepare the mind for clearer perception. Sit in a
relaxed position and face a partner with your palms extended over theirs, but not
touching them. Direct your conscious awareness to your palms and discern the
energy exchange there. No doubt some of the warmth you feel will be the body
temperature of your partner's hands, but there are other energies perceivable as well.
As an exercise in detecting the subtle disruptions in the body's electromagnetic
field, practice with closed eyes putting your hands 2 or 3 inches over a noticeably
affected part (broken bone, cut, bruise, aching joint, etc.) of another person's body
and discern what it feels like to you. When a part of the body is malfunctioning, a
disruption in the energy field is present and instead of radiating healthy energy, it
absorbs energy. With practice, even undetected internal problems of people can be
discerned in this way.
Many nurses in medical centers across the country are using a form of intentional
healing called noncontact therapeutic touch (NCTT) to relieve their patients' pain,
reduce swelling and fever, heal wounds faster and help bone fractures mend in less
time. Such healers glide their hands in the air over the patient's body until the
afflicted area is located; then pausing over the area, the healer focuses on healing
thoughts to return it to a normal, balanced state. After intuitively tuning into their
patients' electromagnetic field patterns, these healers adjust their own currents to
produce resonant patterns. When two physical systems possess the same resonant
frequency, healing information can be exchanged (review "Exercise -- Electromag-
netic Field Awareness"). Replenishing depleted areas in the energy field or smooth-
ing out ill-flowing areas can all help to balance a patient’s body and allow it to heal
Like homeostasis, the energy of a strong, vital person flows 'naturally' into the
body of a weak, sickly person upon close contact, so everyone has the power to heal
to some degree (see "Exercise -- Learning the Language of Touch"). For NCTT to be
most effective, a healer must assume a relaxed, meditative state where alpha/theta
brain wave frequencies (4 - 13 cycles per second) predominate. Synchronizing your
brain wave frequency to the earth's resonant frequency (7.5 -7.83 cycles per second)
produces the greatest clarity and amplitude for the transmission of your thought intention. In a controlled experiment, where healers treated 2 groups of people, one where
they mentally focused their attention to healing and the other where they only did
mental arithmetic in their minds, only the group treated with healing thoughts showed
any improvement.
For an interesting effect, relax your mind and place your left hand over a partner's
head (for soothing, healing energy), and your right hand at the back of their neck (for
strength). Think only healing, loving thoughts, and have your partner keep a recep-
tive or at least neutral state of mind. After 60 seconds, ask your partner how they feel
after this treatment? To take advantage of your natural abilities, experiment with a
friend who has a headache. Using both your hands, stand behind your friend and
place your thumbs above their ears and your fingers under their ear lobes, but
keeping the ears exposed. Gently, but firmly clutch the back of their head for 15 - 30
seconds without letting your fingers touch. Maintain a relaxed and positive state of
mind while you do this technique. The polarized balance you achieve for your friend
should be enough to relieve their headache.
To balance and free yourself from certain aches and pains, put your left hand
across your forehead while placing your right thumb in your navel and your small
finger on your pubic bone. This creates a balanced magnetic connection. Relax,
close your eyes and think 'healing' thoughts for about 3 to 5 minutes. You should
now feel energized and considerably pain-free.
To balance your dog's electromagnetic field and relieve him of certain pains and
ailments, place your left hand on your pets chest, between the front and back legs
while you place your right hand on the back of your dog's neck. Relax yourself and
think healing thoughts for a few minutes or until your dog indicates he's had enough.
Your right hand gives strength and your left hand soothes and heals. Since your
magnetic field is stronger than your pet's, results should come easily.
For a different exercise, have a partner move behind you to within one foot of
your body. Identify to yourself how this feels to you. Now allow your conscious
awareness to move up and down your back to pick up and become aware of any
subtle changes in heat or magnetic flux. Now consciously project with emotion your
electromagnetic energy field toward the person behind you! Notice the difference in
Now blindfolded, experiment with your partner's hand moving over various parts
of your body within 2 inches of contact. Can you tell where his hand is moving?
Practice frequently and vary the distances from your body. Have a partner direct the
pointed end of a quartz crystal over various parts of your body in the same way.
Soon you'll begin perceiving the subtleties. People will also find it difficult to catch
you by surprise, because your overall awareness to individuals around you will be