Eliminating Your Negative Feelings

Since many unconscious anchors that engender negative responses are sometimes
elusive to recognize, this exercise will help collapse these unwanted states.
To begin this exercise, trigger your anchor for confidence, and get yourself into
the most powerful and positive state that you can muster. Then open your hand and
put that feeling into your right hand. Now think of a time when you were
enthusiastic and exhilarated over something, and put that feeling into your right hand
too. Now recall a time when you were feeling love, happiness and joy, and put that
into your right hand. Now notice how it feels to have all those feelings in your right
hand. What color do you think they would make all together like that? What shape
or form would they take in your hand? What sound would they make, if you gave
them a sound? What texture do they feel like in your hand? What positive words
does this combination say to you from your hand?
Now open your left hand, and place in it some negative experience or something
that has been bothering you. It's not necessary to relive the experience, just think of
it and put it into your left hand. Think of something that worries you or that you're
afraid of, and put it into your left hand too. What is the first color this mixture in
your left hand reminds you of? What shape or form would they take in your hand?
Does the mixture feel light or heavy? What sound would come from your hand, if
you heard it make a sound? What texture does it feel like in your hand? What words
would be uttered from that hand if it could talk to you? Now with a pouring motion,
pour all the contents of your right hand into your left, like a chemist with a strange
brew. As you do this notice the changes that take place in your left hand in color,
sound, texture, shape, words being uttered, and the overall feelings coming from it.
Now clasp your hands together for a few moments until they feel balanced. Look at
the previous negative experiences in your left hand. Do you feel different about
them? You should feel good or at least neutral about those experiences. If not, do it
over again.
OK, now in a similar way I want you to think of some famous person, friend or
sage in the past or present that you like and respect very much, and put the image of
that person in your right hand. Now put the image of someone you don't like or that
you're upset with in your left hand. Now look at the image of the person you don't
like. Now look at the person you like; then at the person you don't like; then at the
person you like. Now continue very fast looking back & forth from your right hand
to your left without thinking about the images as to your liking them or not. Now clasp your hands together, take a deep breath. Now what are your feelings about the
person you didn't like. You should either feel good about him or at least feel alright
about him.
Another way of eliminating negative feelings is by increasing your energy level.
The higher your energy, the more difficult it becomes to experience lower, negative
emotions. Love, compassion, courage and happiness resonate with high energy, and
are stimulated by wide areas of brain cells in the cerebral cortex. Lust, anger, fear
and pleasure are simple, low energy emotions prompted from specific spots in the
limbic system of the brain, which is brain tissue about the size of a small fist lying
underneath the 2 large cerebral halves of the brain. You can increase your energy by
good exercise, better nutrition, better associations, better breathing habits, better
music, better drinking water, better posture and better sleep