Eyeless Sight

As we learn more about the body's capabilities in conjunction with the mind, a
new physiology is unfolding in the world. The hocus pocus about ESP (extra-
sensory perception) is evolving out of the realm of mysticism and occultism and into
the world of science. In other words, as our instrumentation improves, we're
beginning to measure and explain things that formerly were mysteries.
Under hypnosis, people proceed much faster in the training process of finger and
skin perception, because they accept the power of suggestion and believe they can do
it. It also has been found that if your finger temperature is down to around 70° -
75°F, your perception is off a bit. If your finger temperature is over 90°F and the
colored construction paper is at room temperature, your perception is heightened
(review "Exercise -- Seeing With Your Skin & Body"). In fact, experiments reveal
that the greater the difference between the temperature of the hand and the temperature
of the object, the better the result.
For a simple exercise, paint one side of an aluminum square black and put it into
the freezer. Drop the temperature of the plate to about 40°F. Now while blindfolded
have an assistant let you feel the air just above the black painted side without touching
it. Now feel the air just above the unpainted side. Notice a definite feeling of draft
on your fingers on the painted side?! This is simply an exaggerated example of what
is perceived on a finer level with colors at room temperature.
Now sit facing a partner (preferably of the opposite sex) across a table and get into
a comfortable, relaxed position. Blindfold yourself with a black sleep mask and pass
your hand a few inches in front of your face. While moving your hand from side to
side, sense your hand by imagining it as it moves. Work with the other hand the
same way.
Now hold hands with your partner. Have your partner move her hand in front of
your face and around the side of your head. Perceive it in your mind. Feel it.
Imagine it. Let her stop her hand in various positions and you tell her where it is.
Now you put your hands to the sides of the table. Have your partner touch your
forehead with her hand and then place it on the table somewhere in front of you.
When she says, "Go," you immediately touch her hand with your finger. Let your
partner put a sponge on the table in front of you. Now have your partner pass your
hand over areas of the table to see if you can discern a difference when it passes over
the sponge.
Use other household objects. Practice pointing at and picking up the objects while
blindfolded. Brush your teeth, comb your hair and wash yourself in the shower with
your eyes closed. If you practice these drills a lot, you’ll eventually get results.