Guilt Reversal Visualization

There are many reasons for guilt in a person's mind. A fat person might feel
guilty about eating chocolates. A child might feel guilty about lying to his parents. A
spouse might feel guilty about an infidelity. But how do you uneat something or
unsay something or undo something? You don't. Then punishment is a natural
recourse?! You either feel you must punish yourself or in some other way atone for
your sin. Consequently a great deal of negative energy is built up in your mind and
your desire for punishment can produce a great deal of self-recriminations in your
Get in a comfortable, relaxed position and close your eyes. Take a few deep
abdominal breaths and progressively relax all parts of your body from your toes to
your head. Now visualize the guilty event the way it was done. See the effect you
had on other people. Get in touch with it and experience it. See yourself as others
see you, not how you think they see you or how you would like them to see you. Be
honest with yourself. Now change the visualization and switch the picture to see the
event the way it should have been done -- step by step. Instead of feeling fear, anger
or resentment, experience it with love, understanding and joy. Look at it as part of
the big picture of your life, not as an isolated incident.
A great deal of negative energy will be released the very first time that you do this
visualization, because you are at the subjective level when you review the incident in
your mind. This releasing of your guilty energy necessitates no punishment
whatsoever, and the act need never be repeated. The important thing is that once you
have cleaned your mental house of guilt, don't rerun the same negative mental
pictures that got you there before.