One visualization process devised by Win Wenger, Ph.D. is called image-
streaming. It involves a method of drawing from the subconscious the sensory
images for conscious interpretation. The concept being that solutions to problems are
always within you - they just need to be elicited and interpreted.
As an exercise in problem solving, pose a question to yourself and write it down.
You can work with a partner or a tape recorder, but start by sitting back, relaxing and
closing your eyes. Begin by tuning into the visual images that present themselves
and describe aloud your first, immediate impressions in rapid-flow, sensory detail.
Note and explain the sounds, tactile sensations, tastes and emotional feelings you
have as more free images emerge. Ask yourself questions as the images appear.
Watch and listen for image answers or verbal answers.
You can prompt the visual imaging process by staring at a bright light and closing
the eyes or pinching the closed eyelids for a phosphene effect or simply imagining a
closed door and flinging it open in your mind. In all cases, you describe the visual
messages that come to you afterwards and attempt to integrate these subconsciously
prompted images with conscious interpretation for improved creativity.
The process of describing aloud the mind’s images allows the conscious mind to
involve itself in this right brain activity. Ask yourself questions as images are
acknowledged. Feel the texture of the images. Connect any sounds or smells that are
involved with images. Move the images around or open them up or go beyond them
in some way, and describe the result. If you’re having some difficulty with
interpretation, ask your higher self for assistance in understanding your images.
Continue for a few minutes, then rest and image-stream again for a new set of images
for the same question. Repeat the process again for a third time with the same
question or problem. Then look at your sensory image answers. What’s the same?
What’s different? Can you relate any of these elements to your original problem,
keeping in mind that the image answers may be symbolic in some way?
Win Wenger declares that doing image-streaming on a regular basis can increase
your I.Q. and allow more creativity in your life, so practice this exercise often.