Improving The Tactile Awareness Of Your Toes

Theodore A. Nichols is an armless man that worked for the FBI. Using only his
toes, he typed, drove an unmodified car with an automatic stick shift, pitched softball
and did all his own household chores. Many armless individuals have learned to use
typewriters and other machines and instruments with the dexterity of their feet alone!
While blindfolded, have an assistant give you familiar objects to feel with your
toes and feet for identification. First use the left foot, then the right, then both
together. Notice a difference? Using wooden blocks with numbers and letters,
discern all the letters and numbers blindfolded, using the toes of one and then the
other foot. Next, differentiate with your toes the difference between coarse, medium
and fine sandpaper, using each foot. Was your left, or your right foot better able to
perceive the tactile differences? Harry Houdini could pick locks with a thin wire and
his feet alone!
As an exercise at home in your bare feet, separate and close all your toes. Then
move each toe individually in turn as best as you can. Practice flushing the toilet,
turning on bath tub faucets and picking up dropped objects or pieces of clothing with
your toes alone.
Remember that all the sensory input from these exercises is bringing about
changes in your brain. It's being developed in areas not normally used extensively.
Such new connective pathways make additional learning easier and life more
interesting, because your body/mind combination is becoming more consciously