Increase Your Energy, Increase Your Health

Do you usually associate a healthy person with low energy? Of course not!
People with high energy are usually very healthy, and those with low energy are
susceptible to low health. With this in mind, it would stand to reason that you would
naturally want to increase your energy in every possible way to optimize your
chances of excellent health, right? You know when you feel weak and sickly or
when you feel strong and healthy, but how can you measure your own energy level
(see the measuring device described in the back of the book)? Do you even know
what specifically causes the highs and lows in your energy amplitude?
People sleep to renew their energy. The more relaxed their rest and sleep, the
more easily their energy is increased. What other factors are involved with your
energy level? Nutrition, emotions, posture, water quality, breathing, exercise,
music, aromas or simply seeing a movie can all have a bearing on your energy level.
One of the most important factors related to your energy level though is your sense of
purpose. One reason why many elderly folks lose their vitality for living is because
of retirement! Work provides people with a sense of purpose, and when their work
is removed, their energy level can drop dramatically. So find some purpose for your
life - charity work, a new vocation or avocation, a goal, a hobby or a pursuit you
always wanted to take up, or better yet, tune into your spiritual reason for being here.
When your life has purpose, you will not only feel better about yourself, but your
energy level will rise as well.
Understand that all factors are interrelated too, so if you improve one, the others
must also improve. For instance, if you are nutrition oriented, beginning a diet of
raw organic vegetables will increase your energy level, and in turn you’ll also begin
noticing improvement in your breathing, your posture, your emotions and the music
you prefer. If you are exercise oriented, beginning a daily routine of good exercise
and deep belly breathing will increase your energy level too, and in turn your
nutrition, your emotions and your posture will tend to improve as well! Exercise also
works well with children having a low self-esteem. Statistics have shown that
creating basketball courts or gymnasiums in poverty stricken neighborhoods lowers
crime and drug addiction in those neighborhoods.
To raise your spirits, raise your energy level. If you feel down in any way,
exercise for 30 minutes or do deep connected breathing for several minutes or watch
an action packed movie or do something else to raise your energy level. Improving the mental and emotional attitude that you carry with you every day can allow your
energy to flow in better harmony. Some people block the flow of the available
energy around them with negative thought patterns they create and project from
themselves, like worry, doubt, anger, fear, hatred, depression, etc. When you are
frequently objecting, saying “no” or saying “I can’t,” you block the energy flow, and
place boundaries, restrictions and limitations around yourself.
You can eat the best of organic foods and take all the best supplements with the
best water and still have a low energy level by feeling lousy about yourself and those
around you! Once you change your emotional attitude and start thinking better about
yourself, then good nutrition, better posture, better breathing, good exercise, good
music and a good environment can benefit in raising your energy level too! At least,
open yourself to the possibility of having higher energy and that alone will help to
relieve some of your blocks to it!
Although the initial effects are mostly temporary, continual exposure to weakening
factors can eventually lead to a more lasting condition of ill health. Elimination of
debilitating factors in your life allows your body to build up its energy reserves again,
just like during the process of sleep and relaxation. By increasing your energy, your
health correspondingly improves.
We are constantly engulfed in a sea of energy, whether it’s from the earth, the sun
or the life forms around us. When we accept the things that happen to us and know
we have created our own circumstances, we flow with the process in that
understanding. When we flow in harmony with the natural energies around us, we
tune into and feel the oneness of everything. We synchronize our energy level with
such harmony. We can always express our preferences, but our choices in life
produce the results we get. Our lives always reflect the choices we make.
Acceptance allows flowingness. Objection blocks the process.
Just as a booing, critical audience can deflate the energy level of a speaker, athletes
know that cheering from a crowd can increase their energy level for a better
performance. The excitement of a crowd is very contagious. By suffusing your
essence with excitement, enthusiasm and positive words, thoughts and actions, you
can increase your own energy level, even if you do so artificially! Weight lifters
know this so they pump themselves up with positive thoughts and words before they
lift a heavy weight.
During angry or fearful excitement, some people have lifted cars or other heavy
objects quickly and without thought. During pleasurable or sexual excitement,
fatigue and pain are often ignored without any thought. Since high excitement goes
hand in hand with high energy, creating an excited state of mind will increase your
energy. You can artificially increase your energy level by artificially creating an
excited state in yourself. Try jumping up and down and saying aloud, “I’m excited,
I’m excited” several times and notice your energy level go up! You can get energized
by practicing energetic activities, rhythm and dancing for instance, or even thinking
of such activities in a visualized way will raise your energy level.
The benefit of high excitement brings about higher energy, which in turn brings
about higher health. High energy people are highly motivated, more positive people,
and rarely have time for depression, worry, hatred or other negative emotions. Their
mental acuity also increases. So create excitement in your life, and your mental and
emotional health will both improve. Watch movies and videos that create a high
energy state. Imagine yourself excited, enthusiastic, energetic about something and
soon you will find your body responds to the imaging.
If you continually say how sick you are or how many aches and pains you have,
how can you expect to feel strong? You’re reliving your aches and pains every time
you talk about them. By having faith in yourself and your ability to be stronger, you
can increase your energy amplitude and begin to realize that you ARE already very
strong! By using their indomitable spirit, dying people have even postponed their
own deaths until after special events or projects were completed or finished!
As an individual, you have the potential of being a virtual powerhouse of energy.
Since all living systems are similar in their basic energy structure, all living things
affect each other by the subtle interchange of their intercellular communication. This
is the basis of the unified field concept. Even without a conscious direction, a person
with a powerful energy field can have it homeostatically transfer itself to a weaker
energy field. (“And a woman having an issue of blood came behind him, and
touched the border of his garment: and immediately her issue of blood dried up. And
Jesus said, Who Touched me?...Somebody has touched me: for I perceive that virtue
is gone out of me.” Luke 8:43 - 46) The low, ailing energy around the woman was
openly receptive to Jesus’s high energy and she was automatically healed by it as it
flowed into her. Positive expressions of love, compassion, help, courage,
enthusiasm, kindness and encouragement assist in a favorable interchange between
living systems, while anger, fear, worry, hatred, lust, condemnation, laziness and
greed hinder the process.
Every word, action and thought that you have affects your energy level in some
way. By tuning into yourself, you can learn how to discern what energizes you from
what de-energizes you. For example, if you saw or visualized a little puppy playing,
you probably would experience warmth and a good feeling inside, and your energy
level would be heightened. On the other hand, if that same little puppy was suddenly
struck by a car while you watched or as you visualized it, you would feel a negative
reaction to it in your solar plexus quite distinctly.
As a daily exercise, practice observing and tuning into your positive and negative
reactions to the things around you. For instance, when you eat something, tune into
whether the food energizes or de-energizes you. By mindfully being with your
emotional reactions as they are happening, you can learn what builds and what tears
down your energy level. In this way, you can achieve better clarity for yourself.
To bring balance and harmony in your life, associate yourself with factors that will
benefit and help you. Do things with a total involved feeling of enjoyment rather than
a mechanistic or disheartened feeling. Every time you harmonize your energy system
with wholesome food, natural fiber clothing, a positive attitude, controlled deep
breathing and relaxation, the easier it is to draw from the universal energy well. The
more you increase your energy amplitude, the better able you are to withstand the
detrimental factors of pathogenic cellular invaders, pollution and accidental injury.
After maximizing your internal energy amplitude, synchronizing your energy with the
energy of the universe brings about an inner feeling of oneness and peace. You can
proceed through your day in a relaxed, powerful way! A man changes the world
every time he changes himself. ("Jesus said unto him, if thou canst believe, all things
are possible to him that believeth." Mark 9:23)
As an exercise in increasing your awareness and acuity in discerning your own
energy level, practice determining your own energy level on a scale of 1 to 5
throughout each day. You can use the following as a guide:

Energy Level 1 - Very tired, ready for a nap or sleep.

Energy Level 2 - A little less tired, but sluggishly dragging through your day.

Energy Level 3 - Moving through your day at an average level, not especially great,

but not sluggish.

Energy Level 4 - Movement oriented, like after your first cup of coffee. You feel like

doing. You feel like action.

Energy Level 5 - You feel super great, like you want to jump off the wall or do back