Learn Through Time Distortion

In this hectic fast pace world, accelerated learning techniques are becoming
increasingly more valuable. Learning through time distortion is harnessing the sub-
conscious through conscious direction. "Instant" mental calculators and high speed
readers (over 2,000 wpm) experience a sense of time distortion as information flashes
through their mind in only seconds. Through self-hypnosis, you too can learn to
review information in a time distorted fashion.
As an example, one concert violinist put herself into a self-hypnotic trance and
through self-induced time distortion practiced her music in several different ways.
By "playing" the difficult spots mentally, it helped her finger memory to improve in
speed and accuracy. She was able to review long pieces over and over in very brief
"world" time periods, and her technique and technical performance improved
By repeating memorized material in a time distorted fashion, valuable associative
patterns can be firmly established and conscious recall becomes more available.
Using time distortion, problems can be reviewed and approached from all angles in a
matter of seconds. Hypothetical lectures, appointments and scenes can be laid out in
your mind, prepared for and visualized in a brief amount of time. Kinesthetic body
movements in gymnastics or the martial arts can be reviewed in this way as well.
Doing 'instantaneous' calculations and high speed mathematics can be learned with
time distortion. In a similar way solutions to everyday problems can be achieved
effortlessly and quickly. By simple trusting your subconscious mind, you establish a
better awareness and faith in your own abilities.
After reviewing and becoming proficient with "Exercise - Time Distortion," you
are ready to apply the technique to learning. In one experiment, a hypnotist told
subjects that they had one hour to do an activity (e.g. housework, picnic, car trip,
swimming, shopping, watching TV, etc.), but in reality he gave them only seconds in
'world' time to accomplish their task. Afterwards, it was found that the hypnotized
subjects created in their mind a full hour's worth of detailed experiences without
The experiment was achieved by starting a metronome at 60 beats per minute
while the hypnotist stated that he was slowing it down gradually. The subject was to
listen carefully as he did so and when in the subject's opinion the metronome had
been slowed down to the rate of one stroke per minute, the subject would
acknowledge by saying, "Now." The metronome's beating always remained the
same, but the hypnotist progressively encouraged the state of suggestibility in the
subject by saying that the metronome was going still slower. The same suggestibility
can be achieved in a self-hypnotic state.
Use an audible second-ticking clock or a metronome stroking at 60 beats per
minute. Assume a comfortable position in a chair or a bed, and achieve a self-
hypnotic state (review "Exercise -- Learning Self-Hypnosis"). After getting into a
deeply relaxed state, your heartbeat will entrain itself to the slow rhythm of 60 beats
per minute. Concentrate on deep rhythmic breathing and clear your mind to allow
your brain waves to also slow down.
You can memorize and say the following suggestions to yourself or you can put
them on a cassette tape for playback when you're relaxed.

1) I am feeling good. I am feeling wonderful.
2) The beats are slowing now -- slower - slower.
3) The time between each beat is seeming longer and longer.
4) I am relaxed and I have lots of time.
5) Time is only relative to what I want it to be.
6) Each stroke is further and further apart now.
7) There is lots of time.
8) I feel so relaxed, calm and at peace with myself.
9) Time is slowing down.
10) Each beat of the metronome feels distantly separated.
Repeat the above suggestions or similar ones over and over to yourself until you
"feel" that each click of the metronome is spaced between 2 - 4 minutes apart. Bring
into mental focus the material you want to review and say the following:
1) I have plenty of time to review this.
2) Every time I do this, I improve myself and my performance.
3) I am relaxed and taking my time.
4) The more I practice, the easier it becomes.
5) I am feeling good and experiencing no hurry.
6) I have all the time that I need to accomplish this review.
7) I am completing my review.
At this suggestive state of mind, you can review any material you wish in a matter
of seconds over and over again. By being relaxed and saying to yourself that you
have lots of time, your mind does indeed 'create' lots of time. You work at optimal
levels of efficiency when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself. The more you practice this exercise, the easier it will become. Bring yourself out of the self-hypnotic
state by counting backwards from 10 to 1 and then progressively awaken. Always
give yourself a post-hypnotic suggestion that the next time that you want to
experience self-hypnotic time distortion, it will be easier and faster to undergo. You
can even create a tape for yourself with the above suggestions.