Biblical text reveals both Jesus and Peter walking across water in the Sea of
Galilee. Although other levitating incidents have occurred with yogis and lamas in
the East, the West has not been devoid of such occurrences. St. Francis of Assisi
(1224), St. Teresa of Avila (1565), Francisco Suarez (1548-1617), Maria Corones of
Agreda (1602-1665), and St. Joseph of Cupertino (1603-1663) all were Catholic
religious figures that reportedly levitated. In fact, St. Joseph of Cupertino levitated
so frequently that it became part of his normal behavior. Giuseppe Desa (St. Joseph)
became a priest in 1628 and not only amazed fellow priests and nuns with his
levitations, but was also witnessed by Pope Urban VIII and John Frederick, Duke of
Brunswick. In one instance, the "flying friar" watched 10 workmen having difficulty
erecting a heavy iron cross on a church near his hometown. It was reported that "he
rose like a bird into the air," easily lifting the cross and setting it in place on top of the
building! ("... He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and
greater works than these shall he do ..." John 14:12)
The "spiritual medium" Daniel Dunglas Home was observed levitating numerous
times. In 1852, the Hartford Times stated that he began at the age of 19 with a
spontaneous levitation to his ceiling. Later, after learning to control his levitations, he
demonstrated his ability to such notables as Emperor Napoleon III and Mark Twain.
More recently, the transcendental meditators of Maharishi Maharesh have been
offered a special mantra and instructions that reportedly enable them to levitate. At
the Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa, 2 meditation domes have
been constructed for meditators to safely and privately levitate inside them. As there
seems to be a great deal of hopping in the initial stages, crash pads are often attached
to their legs to cushion their sudden descents.
In all instances of levitation, an altered state of awareness seems definitely
involved. In a self-hypnotized state, the psychic Edgar Cayce once levitated to his
stenographer's hand when she threw it out and said "hold up there." Afterwards she
was startled and withdrew her hand, whereupon he descended. Her only intention
was for him to slow down his rate of speech so she could transcribe his words easier.
Russian cosmonauts have also reportedly levitated after being hypnotized into
believing that they were weightless. All in all, levitation reports are just too
numerous to discount.
Lulu Hurst, a 14-year old girl, gave demonstrations of her amazing power on
stage in the U.S. from 1883 - 1885. If a muscular man held a cane in front of his chest, Lulu could lightly place her hand against it and gyrate both the cane and man so
violently that eventually both flew suddenly backward. In one instance, 3 men sat
one on top of the other in a kitchen chair. Lulu placed her palms against the back of
the chair and raised chair and men 6 inches off the floor for 2 minutes. There were
obviously more than the normal energies at work here.
For a simple exercise in partial levitation, organize 5 participants. Have the heav-
iest subject sit on a hassock or chair. Let the other 4 people stand around him. Now
in synchronous rotation have one person put his right hand on top of the seated
person's head; then the next person does the same; then the next and finally the last.
Now do the same with the left hand until all 8 hands have formed a tower on the
seated person’s head and no 2 hands belonging to the same person are in contact.
Practice these movements until you can stack the hands smoothly and rhythmically in
a flowing manner.
The next stage is practicing in a rotational manner putting the forefinger of each
standing person under the knees and armpits of the seated person. After a slight
momentary pressure downward to the count of 6 of all 8 hands, they are removed and
holding a full breath of air, the first person puts his forefinger under the right knee,
second person under the right armpit, third person under the left armpit and the fourth
person under the left knee. Get the rhythm down smoothly moving from the stacked
position to the knee and armpit position. Then have someone acting as a guide say,
"Lift!" and you will find how easily and often surprisingly the 4 people can lift the
seated person up in a synchronous fashion.
The success of this exercise lies in the smoothness of the rhythm and the
simultaneous lifting process of the participants. Rehearse it a few times before
attempting to do the lift, so your tempo is achieved. It might take 3 or 4 times to get
everybody in 'synch,' but you'll do it. Sometimes dispensing with the hand stacking
can be substituted with the affirming of a phrase several times in unison like
"Chocolate ice cream" or "Pumpkin pie" or "Lifting is easy." The content of the
phrase does not seem to matter, but the rhythm does. Does the group thought
process of a levitating intention reverse some inner polarity of the person to be
levitated? Does the repetition of a phrase over and over bring about a slightly altered
state of awareness so that your intention to levitate is carried out?
It appears that the energy of thought projection can affect gravity in some way.
When you feel excited about a project and your energy field expands, the gravitational
pull is distributed over a much greater area (see "Exercise -- Electromagnetic Field
Awareness"), and you 'feel' as though you're floating along the ground. When you

consciously direct your energy field in a contracted 'heavy' manner, the opposite
effect is the result (see "Exercise -- Making Yourself Too Heavy To Be Moved").
Since the weight on a physical scale does not change in these instances, a partial
reversal of polarity in your body's energy field creates the unusual effect. During
levitation, perhaps the combination of proper breathing and visualization rotates your
body's resonance?!
Now sit or lie down in a comfortable, relaxed position and take several, deep,
abdominal breaths. Progressively relax all the muscles of your body from your toes
to your head. With your eyes closed, roll your eyeballs upwards and say, "Relax" to
yourself. Feel your whole body in a relaxed state and clear your mind (review
"Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness" and "Exercise -- Learning Self-
Hypnosis"). Now using a mental kinesthetic rhythm, visualize your body pulsing
with energy upwards in a slow lifting motion as you inwardly say, "Lift" ... "Lift,"
and feel your body acquiring a sense of lightness. Let your mind harmonize its brain
wave level with the resonant frequency of the earth at 7.82 cycles per second. The
synchrony of the mental affirmation, "Lift," with the pulsing visualization upwards
takes practice, but eventually your mind/body thought process will tangibly manifest
itself in a physical way and levitation will be achieved. Once achieved, it will not be
difficult to repeat.