Mental Projection

During astral projection, the consciousness can travel with the astral body. During
mental projection, it feels like an imaging process is taking place. As science
progresses, we'll no doubt learn more about these subtle projections; but for now we
can at least experiment and observe our results.
As an example of the power of mental projection, healer Olga Worrall placed her
hands at each end of a Wilson Cloud Chamber without touching it. She imagined
healing energies flowing from her hands into the chamber. Within 30 seconds the
mist began to pulsate and dark waves became visible. The experiment was repeated
while Olga was 600 miles from the apparatus, and the same results were achieved
when she only visualized her hands at each end of the chamber directing her energies
into it!
As an exercise, assume a comfortable, relaxed position and do some deep,
abdominal breathing. Imagine projecting your mental body out of your physical body
so that it is hovering over and looking down on your relaxed body. Look at your
clothes, hair, body position, etc. and feel totally comfortable. Now imagine you are
zooming up through the ceiling and out of the building. Pause for a few seconds and
look back at the areas surrounding the building, then project yourself onward. Speed
by familiar parks, houses, stores and watch the traffic passing underneath you. Now
proceed over to a friend's house. Go inside and view the different rooms and see if
anybody is at home. Listen to the sounds of any animals or conversations. Take
note of anything out of the ordinary -- new faces, items or happenings. Then exit the
house and return to your own location. Look at your body briefly and then resume
your normal occupancy. Write down or draw what you saw; then call your friend up
to see how close you came.
Such mental projections are far easier to do than astral projections. The speed of
the mental body is as great as the speed of thought. If there is no direct perception of
where you are going, the places become imagination. When there is perceptual
knowledge, imagination turns to reality. With practice, they become less imagination
and more substantial projection.