Mirror Regression or Fantasy

Depending upon your belief system, this exercise could be just a fanciful novelty
or it could be a regressive look back into your previous lifetimes. Seat yourself,
naked or clothed, in front of a large mirror in a darkened room with a small flickering
candle on each side of you. Relax your body completely and breathe rhythmically
and deeply into your abdomen. Now begin looking at your image in the mirror.
Concentrate your attention intently upon your right eye without blinking and instruct
yourself to progressively relax deeper and deeper (review "Exercise -- Relaxation For
Improved Awareness"). Now ask yourself softly, "Who have I been?" Keep
breathing deeply and rhythmically while repeating the question over and over.
Soon you will 'see' changes take place in your face and body. Different clothes,
skin tone, hair length and even sex changes may become apparent. As your images
come and go, stop from time to time and hold onto an image. Ask questions of it
concerning your life and experiences, then move on to others. To conclude the
session, simply say to yourself that you will count from 1 to 10 and at the number
10, you will be fully in the present, feeling wonderfully refreshed and full of energy.