Numbing Touch For Pain Control

This exercise should only be learned after "Exercise -- Achieving Autonomic
Muscle Control (Limb Heaviness)" has been mastered.
Assume a relaxed, comfortable position and do some deep, abdominal breathing.
Now suggest to yourself that your right hand is becoming heavy, cold and numb.
Visualize putting your right hand into ice water. Experience the feeling as it gets
colder and number. Imagine your hand freezing cold. Reiterate to yourself, "My
right hand is becoming heavy, cold and numb." Keep repeating the suggestion until
it becomes cold and numb.
Now take the 1st two fingers of your right hand and touch the top of your left
hand and say, "The area I'm touching with my fingers is also becoming cold and
numb." Repeat the suggestion until numbness occurs. Test the area with your
fingernails into the skin. Now touch any area of your body with your numb hand
and anesthetize the site. Learn this technique before you get a pain so it can be called
upon when necessary.