Obtaining Money & Material Things

Obtaining money and material things is no different than obtaining any other goal
in life. To get what you want out of life, there is an age old formula which entails
first, say aloud to yourself & write down what you want with clarity and
focus; second, believe that you can get what you want and dwell on that belief; and
third, proceed and commit yourself to a plan of action in your goal direction to
eliminate the possibility of future doubts. Your subconscious mind doesn't know the
difference between what you want and what you don't want. It only knows what
you focus upon, and that's what it creates. To maintain a clear focus for something,
you can also use positive affirmations & imagery to help the process.
To further activate the flow of abundance in your direction, a "giving" process
should be initiated. This "putting forth" necessitates a "receiving back" as in cause
and effect. It also helps to stave off any selfish fixations for receiving money and
material things, so keep the giving process going.
Remember though, it is always possible for you to get anything you want by
following these basic rules, but don't obtain the things of the world at the expense of
your own personal growth and development. The more things you accumulate, the
more difficult it is to separate yourself from them. They hold you like anchors.
Instead, allow money and material things to flow through you without attachment.
The higher aspirations of life are not part of the material and sensory world. Not one
of your worldly possessions will pass with you to the other side. "... Children, how
hard it is for them that trust in riches to enter into the Kingdom of God!" (Mark
As a one week exercise, first clarify and define precisely what it is that you want.
Write it down on paper. Form a clear visualization about it. See yourself having
it. What does it feel like? Visualize how it looks and determine when you want it in
realistic terms. Write down a positive affirmation about achieving it. For example,
"Abundant wealth is flowing to me as I actively move in the direction of my goal."
Repeat the affirmation over and over during the day while visualizing to yourself the
accomplishment of your goal.
Next, truly believe and accept it is possible to achieve your goal and feel
yourself enjoying it. Then, give money or service to some needy cause or person
every day throughout the exercise week. Whatever you want in life, you must learn
how to give it first. You can never really lose something of true inner value when
you give it. Even forgiving people of debts that are owed to you is a form of giving, but you must genuinely do so.
Next, proceed with a plan of action toward your goal, and every day achieve
some step in that direction. Action eliminates doubt or otherwise you wouldn't be
taking action! The sooner you start moving, the sooner you'll get results. Don't
worry about anything while you're in motion either. There are no big deals in the
world, just small deals that have been made to look big by the thoughts we carry.
Just proceed ahead and figure out any missing details in your plan while you’re in
You'll soon find that people will start following you when you begin moving in
some direction, because they figure you know what you're doing and where you're
going. Opportunities will begin popping up everywhere. So be alert and learn how
to take advantage of them when they occur. Don't turn away gifts and help when
offered to you. Anytime you're in doubt, ask yourself, "Am I seeing all the
opportunities available to me today, or am I stuck in some way and blocking myself
from seeing them." Some people receive monetary or material benefits without even
realizing it. Their state of mind keeps them from recognizing it! Your world is in a
state of plasticity where so many integrating factors often make it hard to recognize
the different variables that make your world up.
Also, proceed throughout each day as if your receiving of the desired goal is
expected and already assured. This assumed faith in obtaining your goal allows you
to trust yourself and speed up the process. It also keeps you in a positive frame of
mind. If you learn to expect what you want, hoping does not become part of it.
Many obstacles miraculously are removed from your path and favorable synchronistic
"coincidences" suddenly happen to you all along the way.
The formula is simple enough, and it has worked for countless people all over the
world. Just put forth and commit yourself to achieving your true desires; let go and
trust the process; then receive and enjoy the results. The biggest difference in how
people achieve material things in this world is not the product or service they are
marketing, but the attitude they have when they're marketing it. You can sell rocks
as "pets" and make a million dollars in 90 days like the originator of “Pet Rocks” did,
or you can belittle the idea and make nothing on it at all.
A committed action-oriented attitude of anticipation and expectation more quickly
draws to you what you want. Even if you spend money frivolously, you can still
receive a return on it, as long as you anticipate and expect a return on it as you spend
it. Lastly, there is a big difference between wanting to do something and having to
do something. When stressed to the point of having to move in a certain direction (or tricking your mind to think in this way), your energy to accomplish is magnified and
synchronistic events happen to you with more speed, because you have added
commitment to the process.

After all, it’s not how much money that you have, but having the amount you need to
get what you want to get done, right?