Pain Away Breathing

This exercise for the relief of minor pain is based on following the beats of your
heart, so sit or lie down in a relaxed position. Feel your pulse and begin by counting
the beats aloud, until you get a sense of the rhythm. Inhale through your nose to the
count of 6, hold it to the count of 3, exhale to the count of 6, pause for 3 counts; then
repeat the process. While inhaling, visualize energy being sent to the painful area to
repair damaged cells and reestablish proper circulation. When exhaling, imagine the
pain exiting the body. Repeat this cycle 7 times; then rest. Repeat the process two
more times in sets of 7.
To provide variety to the exercise, breathe in the color orange during the procedure
above (or whatever other color your inner self deems more suitable). This breathing
technique not only eliminates pain, but also many negative emotional feelings as well.
Also, since laughter releases pain-relieving endorphins into your system, artificially
laugh occasionally to assist the process of pain relief.