Problem Solving Via Drawings

One interesting technique that works wonders in problem solving is making
drawings for yourself. As an exercise, for one week while you are conceptualizing
your problems, carry a cheap small notebook and make drawings for yourself. Your
drawings can be doodles, block diagrams, schematics, squiggles, sketches or
whatever you wish. Observe which of these drawings helps you in problem solving
and which do not. Drawings have an amazing power and ability to convey precise
information, even if crudely done. Try it, you'll like it.
Since art is basically a right brain activity, talk about your problems aloud to
yourself while idly doodling and sketching anything which comes up. As a path to
the subconscious is cleared, solutions will be automatically drawn in caricature or
abstract form. If you choose the same room, chair and time of day for the exercise,
daily repetition will eventually produce surprising results. Precede this exercise with
relaxation, affirmation and deep breathing and you'll optimize your results. If you
use your left hand (right brain) for sketching, this can often assist you in the
generation of ideas.