Reading Body Language

As an exercise, at a party or with a prearranged group of people that agree to
participate, have everyone for one half hour say nothing and communicate with body
language alone. Observe in yourself and others what gestures and mannerisms are
engaged in most frequently. Are facial expressions and hand gestures used more than
body movements and touching? By innuendo and subtlety, do you begin to sense a
bit of telepathy? Are emotional messages easier to transmit than non-emotional ones?
Do you think you understand others and are being understood by others with more
clarity or less clarity than with words?
Do this same exercise with a friend or spouse for one half hour. Review the same
points and questions as above. By relying solely on body language and non-verbal
cues and messages, you become far more in tune with your own expressive abilities
and how other people signal their attitudes as well. Practice this exercise a lot.
As a variation to this exercise, at a party or in a group situation, pair off with either
someone you intuitively think you're going to like OR dislike -- not someone you're
ambivalent towards. Go over all the same items as before and see how well you
Reading body language can be improved by everyone with practice, so practice
whenever you can. Observe people in airports, on buses or in crowds, and figure out
what their body language and mannerisms are indicating. This simple exercise will
also improve your powers of concentration and observation as well.