Sending Bulk Information Telepathically

In "Exercise -- Learn Through Time Distortion," you learned that vast quantities of
material could be mentally reviewed in mere seconds by your mind. By using the
time distortion technique, telepathic transmission between two minds in 'synch' can
convey great quantities of information in mere seconds. This is NOT a technique to
rob another mind of information, but only one to transmit and receive bulk material in
a volitional fashion.
After mastering "Exercise -- Audio Telepathy" and "Exercise -- Visual Telepathy,"
you are ready to combine those techniques with those learned in "Exercise -- Learn
Through Time Distortion." Assume a comfortable position and face your partner
(who has also mastered the aforementioned exercises). Both of you should now get
into a self-hypnotic state (review "Exercise -- Learning Self-Hypnosis") and clear
your minds. Have someone start a metronome at 60 beats per minute. The sender
now uses the time distortion technique, and experiences each beat interval as 4
minutes apart. The sender acknowledges that this is so by saying, "I'm ready." The
sender reviews the material mentally in a time distorted fashion as he reaches out with
his mind and transmits it to the receiver. The receiver now mentally pulses his body
towards the sender as in "Exercise -- Audio Telepathy." Even though the receiver's
mind is not in a time distorted mode, the transmission is readily acknowledged and
received almost in a subliminal fashion. Depending upon many associative factors in
the receiver's brain, the material will be retained for varying lengths of time. To
amplify transmission, review "Exercise -- Increase Your Energy, Increase Your