Sensory Telepathy

In an experiment with married couples, wives were hooked up to measure their
galvanic skin response to stress while their husbands in a nearby room were shown
photographs that included some pictures of ex-girlfriends. Whenever a husband
looked at a former love, his wife was consciously unaware of it, but her
subconscious reacted to it and registered a change on the instrument graph. In a
similar experiment, husbands in another room plunged their feet into buckets of ice
water. Even though their wives were unaware of their ordeal in the next room,
instruments registered a greater variant response than with those wives whose
husbands had no such stress subjected to them. On a subliminal or subconscious
level, they were picking up the reactions of their spouses. Some of the best success
ratios in telepathic reception have resulted when the perceivers "locked" in on the
emotional frequency generated by the transmitter. A message with strong emotional
content has an increased amplitude. For instance, you can often 'sense' anger in a
room after a violent argument. Similarly, emotional longing, love or an expectant
attitude also gives amplitude to transmissions. Therefore it would be far more
sensible to use picture cards that evoked strong emotion for ESP testing than simple
symbol cards.
Previous exercises have covered sight and sound telepathy. This exercise covers
gustatory, olfactory, tactile and kinesthetic telepathic transmission. Using a partner
of the opposite sex, assume a relaxed position facing each other. The sender focuses
on an emotional feeling and holds onto that as a carrier wave. Experiment with
positive and negative emotions and note the differences. Now visualize and transmit
a certain taste -- sweetness of chocolate candy, sourness of a lemon, bitterness of
strong, black coffee or the salty, crispiness of potato chips. Next, transmit a certain
smell -- an odor of a septic tank, a fragrance of a certain flower, tobacco or herb.
Next, transmit a particular tactile sensation -- being naked on an iceberg, handling a
snake or a ball with sharp pins, being sat on by an elephant or petting a shaggy dog.
And finally, transmit a kinesthetic feeling -- falling off a high building, being buried
alive in a coffin, rowing a boat, doing a somersault or simply making love.
Next have your partner go into another room or simply turn around so your back
is towards your partner's. Now let your partner taste each of 4 glasses of water with
salt, sugar, lemon juice and instant coffee individually prepared. As your partner
sends the taste to you, have him combine it with an emotional feeling. Do the same
with the tactile sensations of pinching, needle pricking, hair brushing, skin stroking, etc. Have your partner choose different odors and send them to you from herb,
tobacco or spice bottles. As the receiver, open up your senses in a fully associated
way when you tune into your partner.