Your “New Life” Mind Walk

Do you use your accumulated attributes and skills to your best advantage? Are
you waiting for something to be "just right" before you take action toward an inner
desire or goal that you've always had? Are past occurrences or grievances acting as
stumbling blocks or excuses for your not taking action toward what you want in life?
A key to real empowerment in your life revolves around your ability to start each
day as a clean slate, without past occurrences, behavior or episodes interfering with
your progress. If you embrace the possibility of living your life NOW without
getting stuck in old, negative programming, you can live your life fully, powerfully
and with a fresh perspective every day. Life is only as difficult or easy as you allow
it to be.
What is your No. 1 goal, ambition or direction in life? Jot down your goal in a
notebook and make a plan or an outline on what you can do to take action toward it
during the next year, during the next month, next week, tomorrow and even right
now. Next, write down a paragraph describing how you see yourself 5, 10 and 20
years from now after having achieved your goal. Now look at what you're written
and mind walk through your goal and successfully realize it.
Every day spend 15 minutes writing down your goal again, reviewing your
progress and visualizing having achieved your goal. Fully associate yourself with all
the details of accomplishing your goal. Imagine the surroundings, see, hear and feel
whatever it entails. Put into motion whatever it takes to work toward your goal.
You'll find that once you begin integrating your actions toward your committed goal,
synchronistic happenings will start falling your way to assist the process. Proceed
without hesitation. Be bold, and make some progress every day toward the ultimate
fulfillment of your goal. If you're having trouble creating such feelings, pretend
you're someone who you know does have such feelings. The key to the process is to
make the commitment and get off the fence of indecision; then move into action
toward your goal. Proceed with your plan without worry, and just watch the process
unfold for you. Don't get stopped or stalled with details, just figure everything out
along the way while you're in motion.
As an exercise before opening your eyes in the morning, affirm to yourself with
conscious clarity what you are committed to accomplishing for the day toward your
goal. Do this without referencing any past problems, excuses or reasons that might
otherwise hinder your intentions. Understand that thoughts create your reality
experiences, but you must act upon them. When you do act, you feel better about
yourself and happier through a sincere sense of accomplishment. The possibilities
open to you for your future are as limitless as your imagination. Now slowly open
your eyes, stretch and feel good and assured that your goal will be realized.